How We Got Started

I BR have had my hands dirty and greasy since i can remember. Born in NY in 1964 I was on the move all the time taking things apart and pulling them back together . I didnt know way back when put i was a motor head got my first book on body work then i was about 13 and i wore it out . My child hood hero was Gerorge Barris the king of customizing. I did alot of body work over the years put just not your average body work and paint i went to the next level allways pushing it further then most people would go. the years when on and i had other jobs put it would only last so long . I always know i had to be self employed . So again more years went on i was working for a local phone ccompany and working in my shop that home on car and painting some of my friends got in to motor cycles amd one of them asked me to paint his bike. I just found a new and exciting way to get creative with painting and metal working on bike it was just like you through gas on a fire. That went in to making some handle bars i set up a web site and it started to get busier just making handle bars had to stop painting and just make bars . The bars where getting busier all the time so back when the economy in 2005 or 2007 realy went to shit my handle bars where doing so go i left my job at the phone company everybody thought i was nuts leaving a good job in this bad economy. My handle bars business still continues to grow how we make bars for other companies and dealers i currently employ an average of 5 to 7 people full time. I think i found that i was put here to do make bikers handlebar dreams come true. ( you want them i will make them)  BR